Books by Jay Cutts: What’s Here

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If you like imagination, if you like fantasy, if you find that human doings are inherently funny, if you like Terry Pratchett and his delightful fantasy/sci fi worlds, then you might enjoy this site.

If you like what you see, please follow this blog, so we can keep in touch!

Here I’ve posted a tantalizing description for each of my two novels.  But that’s not all. You can read, completely free of charge, the first five chapters of each!

And then if you really, really want to read them, you can click to order them. They will be delivered directly to your door by a person in a brown shirt and pants. Or at least a brown shirt. They will probably also have pants.

Also on this site are some blogs in which I share some additional excerpts, some musings over some of the strange characters in my books, secrets about things in the books that no one would know if I didn’t give you a hint, and perhaps even some links to videos in which I perform for you some intriguing passages.

You can also check out our Twiddles – Twitter riddles – where people have a chance to come up with their own answers and compete for being funny. Just search for Twiddles under Categories in the right column.

You also have a chance to share your own thoughts about your favorite characters or events,  including Andy Kanayurak’s stage performance as an African-American-Inuit drag Anne Frank or perhaps Cynthia Elmsford Hamchester’s relationship with her gigolo/sex slave Ricardo from New Jersey.

So, welcome to my collection of humor, humorous fiction, sci fi and fantasy, fiction, young adult humor fiction, and stories that – I like to think – are like those of Terry Pratchett, Jasper Fforde, Kage Baker, Neal Gaiman, Connie Willis, and Dr. Who episodes.

2 thoughts on “Books by Jay Cutts: What’s Here

  1. I’ve been laughing out loud since I found you on Wattpad 1 minute ago.
    That might be a record for this week since it’s been a real s&*!HT week for me.
    Thank you for following me on Wattpad and looking forward to laughing together, oh unique talented one.


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